Raduno Roma

Commento del giudice Dusco Piljevic:

In general, I liked quality of presented English Cockers...very pleased with temperament, not a single one being afraid or agresive, or so...correct bites, more less OK in size.
Most of them should have more rounded ribs with more forechest...that was main problem IMHO.
I liked my baby winners, really cute ❤
I REALLY REALLY liked Angela Francini's black puppy boy, I honestly believe he will have bright future and I will brag one day I was his first judge
Both juniors were really nice, the bitch was just more ready
BOS was surprise to many...and to myself
I didn't care that black champion dog wasn't the best groomed or handled...I just loved his conformation, his balance and most of all his wonderful rib cage and super forechests...and I wanted to point that THIS male should be used. NO, he has nothing with my dogs...this is just my opinion 😉
BOB was gorgeous blue champion bitch, Valeria Milana you should be proud of her...as well as her mommy and daddy. I have no doubt giving her BOB and BOG on Sunday
American cockers were OK...not much impressed, but I liked my main winners.